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“The Well is a place of encounter…”

Fr Frank Green, SSM. 1997.

"The Well 'creates' community, it makes for encounter. No two people come to a well to fill their buckets without talking and, if that well be the living spirit of Christ, then the Jew talks to the Samaritan, the man to the woman, the prophet to the sinner (with a good deal of banter and laughter), the stranger and the traveller to the locals.

People find one another at the well; share gossip, laughter and deep things as they work at the rope; have time for one another; travel to and from; bring empty buckets and take them away full for the use of others in the house or wherever. Things happen at the well.

The well is the symbol of the life-giving God whom we seek. It is not 'our' well' we may be the locals, but the well is for all as God is for all - the Heart of the matter - a deep, still entry into the vast, inexhaustible, unseen source below"

Friday, 2 December 2011

Sustainability news from The Well

Monday This week saw the Solar Panel installers finally arrive. forced to work wearing masks due to the nature of the tiles the started to tear out tiles and replace them with a positive forest of brackets.

By Wednesday they were ready, and the panels were delivered.

On Thursday morning the electricians who had struggled with cable routing in a complex 1970s building were ready to make the connections. We were shown the equipment and how to monitor it and the power was switched on. We watched mesmerised as the first unit clocked up on our desktop monitor.

right now on a cloudy December day we are generating about half a kW. That is about 1 unit every 2 hours. This does not seem much but when added up over the year it will reduce our energy costs considerably.

This has been a saga and we will happily show you the installation and advise you of some of the pitfalls we encountered.

Where next. Well the plans are afoot and we are looking at better insulation, double glazing and thermal heating to cut down our astronomical energy bills Watch This Space

Friday, 25 November 2011

What's on in December

Lots of new events for December now on the calendar