Welcome to the Blog of the Well Community

“The Well is a place of encounter…”

Fr Frank Green, SSM. 1997.

"The Well 'creates' community, it makes for encounter. No two people come to a well to fill their buckets without talking and, if that well be the living spirit of Christ, then the Jew talks to the Samaritan, the man to the woman, the prophet to the sinner (with a good deal of banter and laughter), the stranger and the traveller to the locals.

People find one another at the well; share gossip, laughter and deep things as they work at the rope; have time for one another; travel to and from; bring empty buckets and take them away full for the use of others in the house or wherever. Things happen at the well.

The well is the symbol of the life-giving God whom we seek. It is not 'our' well' we may be the locals, but the well is for all as God is for all - the Heart of the matter - a deep, still entry into the vast, inexhaustible, unseen source below"

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weekend thoughts

A lot has happened this month, with Colin off to Australia (we hope he will be back soon) and the news that Marcus has been accepted to train with Christian Peace Keeper Teams, he will be leaving for Chicago in July for 6 weeks and has volunteered for Iraq in 2011, so please keep him in your prayers.

Our appeal for funds to put the library catlogue on line is going well with donations coming in daily, we'll let you know when we reach our target, but suffice to say The Willen Library will be on line. You can see us on the Hertitage system website.

June is just around the corner and we have some excellent events coming up.

11th June - Mikron Theatre performing 'Pedal Power' on our paddock (lets hope for fine weather)

19th June - 'Stop in the name of God' a day of silent retreat
28th June - 3rd July - Peace & Justice Week, culmonating in 'World Music Day on 3rd July.

Lots to do and lots to see, why not drop in sometime for a cup and coffe and a chat.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Liz writing the Well's great new blog--
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Wecome to our Blog

Well it's here at last, a blog for the Well Community, an oppprtunity to share with you our events, our thoughts and our work. Visit our website www.thewellatwillen.org.uk

Watch this space.More to follow